Filter issues by updated before/after


We are running SonarQube Enterprise Edition Version 8.5.1 (build 38104). I was pulling the SonarQube data for some projects to analyzze in a pivot table, but I hit the limitation of the 10,000 results per query (over 10,000 issues with the exact same creation date when the project was first added), so I am trying to find a way around it by changing my queries. Since I cannot pull all the issues to further analyze, I am now interested in the count (“total” field in the JSon response).

I would like to get the number of issues created in a particular month (by means of createdAfter/createdBefore) which were not resolved in that same month. However, I am missing a functionality to query for updated before/after. Is there any alternative way to get that data?

I see a similar question was asked in this thread, but it references a feature request still gathering interest.

Thanks in advance.


We simply don’t offer updated date as a search criterion. Since the end goal is dumping all issues out of SonarQube, I would break your queries up by type and/or severity:

  • Bugs, Blocker
  • Bugs, Critical
  • &etc.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your reply. Thing is, the way this project was pushed into GIT shows ~110000 issues with the exact same timestamp. Even if I filter by severity, which is a great idea, I will go over 10000 issues in most of the severities nonetheless.

Thanks again for your help.


Oh. So you can’t use Creation Date. Are they all the same language? Would that filter help?

Or… directory! The way the directory search works is not currently recursive (much to my disappointment, and yes I have expressed that internally). So… I believe if you pull a list of all directories in the project and query by each in turn, that ought to give you enough granularity to get everything.

Good luck!

Cool! Thanks for that, that’s something I could use, I believe.