Trying to enable jmx monitoring on the Mbeans for Sonar. Would like to know the right domain and bean name so I could configure the monitoring

(Dinesh Chandran Thillaiyappan) #1

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Tyring to leverage the JMX Beans and configure monitoring. I have them enabled and I can see the stats in jconsole. Now I would like to take up the stats to Datadog.

Datadog expects us to configure jmx.yaml in a particular format.

domain: com.atlassian.bitbucket
bean: com.atlassian.bitbucket:name=SshSessions

Would like to know the right options to be leveraged here.


(Eric Hartmann) #3

Hi Dinesh,

I’m not sure to understand your issue. If you are able to see the JMX data with JConsole, you have to configure JMXFetch (from Datadog) to connect to SonarQube with the correct credenitals and retrieve the beans you want to send to Datadog as explained here :



(Dinesh Chandran Thillaiyappan) #4

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your help. My query was on the Beans for Sonarqube. I wanted to know the parameters/options that could be used in place where Beans are referenced in the jmx.yaml file.

Yes, I am able to view jmx in jconsole but it does not provide me the name of the Bean.

Dinesh Thillaiyappan

(Eric Hartmann) #5

Hi Dinesh,

I don’t know how to configure the tool from Datadog, however you should be able to see the domain and the attributes that you can use with jconsole :

And you have the name of the bean and the attributes (for instance, domain: SonarQube, name: ComputeEngineDatabaseConnection, attribute: PoolActiveConnections).

There is a description of the attributes here :