Error in Datadog Integreation with sonarqube

Hi All,

Actually we are using Sonarqube with Datadog as an Enterprise monitoring solution. But now I am facing error except sonarqube.server.* under Metrics in Datadog its not reflecting any other metrics like sonarqube.reliability.bugs, etc.
There is no proper documentation regarding this . Can you please guide us what changes I need to do to fix this.

As it could be seen in below screenshot metric related to sonarqube.server.* are only visible remaning are not.

The JMX MBeans are used exclusively for monitoring purposes (information about how well the SonarQube server is running, what kind of load it is facing), not to expose project data. For that, you would be more interested in the Web API (documentation linked in the footer of your instance).

Load(utilization) on Sonarqube instance is just 30% of total
and we have even updated datadog agent to latest,
We were looking for the resolving this error only.
is there another suggestion in JMX which we could go for?

What is the error are you receiving?

You only mentioned not being able to receive these metrics

Which you cannot access through JMX MBeans.