Datadog Integreation with sonarqube

Hi Team,

Actually for one of My customer , we are using sonarqube enterprise version and we have setup the same and it is working as expected , And again we are even using Datadog as Enterprise monitoring solution. Now the requirement is that we want to monitor sonarqube details in Datadog , Can you please let me what steps needed from sonarqube properties , As I have heard that there is a JMX setyp which we need to do , But there is no proper documentation regarding this . Can you please guide us what chnages I need to do to monitor sonarqube with Datadog


I have the exact same problem. It would reply help if this post could get an answer!

Hi @nanaasiedu ,

Actually After working on this and based on my inputs regarding this issue , Datadog has updated their official documentation regarding this setup and you can have a look at the below url regarding the same

Please feel free to each me if you stuck at any where , as of now i have fixed this and its working too

Thanks for quick response @vinodkumar4b9 !
great so I’m trying to activate JMX on my sonarqube instance but it is unclear to me where to add the configurations specified in the documentation :

Where did you put them?

Hi @nanaasiedu ,

You need to add the below lines in file in sonarqube/conf folder

 JMX WEB - 10443/10444
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Great ive done that

What about for the JMX Access Control and Password file configs?

# JMX Access Control file
reader readonly
admin  readwrite \
    create*,*,*,* \
# JMX Access Password file
reader readerpassword
admin  adminpassword

Yes , you need to create them and make sure you create user with which sonarqube is running and give required permissions and restart sonarqube service , If service is not coming up your configuration is wrong

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Great will try that thank you!

Np which sonarqube you are using , developer or enterprise version ??

I’m playing around with a local instances first using the developer version but my company has an enterprise instance running

Does that effect how it’s configured?

Nope , I don’t think so It will effect , Please go ahead