SonarQube DataDog Integration : How do I Activate JMX?

SonarQube Version: 8.9

In order to integrate with DataDog I need to activate JMX on my SonarQube instance.
I’m trying to follow the documentation:

Which files need to be updated to activate JMX? (i’m not sure if it’s

For example I am unsure where to put these configurations exactly:

# JMX WEB - 10443/10444
# JMX Access Control file
reader readonly
admin  readwrite \
    create*,*,*,* \
# JMX Access Password file
reader readerpassword
admin  adminpassword

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @nanaasiedu ,

I see that @vinodkumar4b9 is assisting you in this other thread: Datadog Integreation with sonarqube. I’ll close this thread. You are welcome to create a new post if you have any new issues.