Sonar - JMX - Datadog monitoring

Hi we are trying to enable JMX to set up integration between Sonar 8.9 and Datadog. Keep seeing this error in sonar web.log and not receiving metrics in datadog right now. wondering if this error is whats stopping this integration

**2021.05.25 15:42:05 DEBUG web[s.rmi.transport.tcp] RMI TCP Connection(548)- terminated with exception: ** null **
** at java.base/ Source)

Followed the instructions from Sonar for enabling JMX Monitoring | SonarQube Docs
here are the system settings from sonar:

Hi ,trying to enable JMX, passing additional parameters

Able to see the system setting applied but the log throws an error: DEBUG web[][s.rmi.transport.tcp] RMI TCP Connection(53493)- terminated with exception: null