Tips for upgrading SonarQube to 8.9 from 7.1

Hi! I am currently running SonarQube 7.1 to scan code as it runs through the Jenkins pipeline. I would like to upgrade to the latest LTS version (8.9) and was wondering if i could have the recommended upgrade path as well as any other tips/recommendations for making this major jump.

These are the current plugins:

We are currently using AWS RDS Postgres 9.6.20 for the database.

Hi @nchoudhu ,

Good to hear that you are upgrading to 8.9 LTS! Your upgrade path is 7.1 to 7.9.6 to 8.9.1. See Migration Path.

Here are good links to review:

With regards to the plugins you listed, you won’t need to move them to your 8.9 plugins folder any longer:

There was a change starting in SonarQube 8.5 where first-party language analyzer, authentication, and SCM plugins are now bundled into the core of SonarQube, no longer provided as plugins.

For more details I recommend reading this community guide: SonarQube v8.5 and Beyond: Where did all the plugins go?.

Only the groovy plugin will need to be migrated from your list.


Joe, thanks so much for your help!

Just one quick question - I already have 7.9.3. Will that be sufficient or do i HAVE to upgrade to 7.9.6 before upgrading to 8.9 LTS?


It is sufficient, you do not need to upgrade to 7.9.6. Since you already are on 7.9.x, you can go straight to 8.9 LTS. See Migration Path:

If you’re migrating from an earlier patch version of an LTS, you can upgrade directly to the next LTS. You don’t need to install any intermediate patch versions.

Joe - as always thanks again for your swift response!

Just one more question that I have. I was looking into setting up Apache Tomcat for SonarQube instead of httpd. Does the latest version of SonarQube support Tomcat and if so, are there any changes we should make or anything else we should take note of before making the switch?

Hi @nchoudhu ,

I’m glad you appreciate my help.

You are welcome to use whatever kind of web server you prefer. I don’t have much experience running Tomcat as web server since I’ve used it exclusively as a Java servlet engine, so I don’t know much about it. SonarQube has no exclusive preference, so you are welcome to choose what you feel comfortable with. Aside from what’s listed in the documentation, there’s no restriction.

Hi Joe,

How abt if we are running in the version 7.1?
Can we prefer to directly jump into the version 8.9 LTS or still we need to go via 7.9 version, pls advice?

Hi @kpandian ,

You need to migrate from 7.1 to 7.9 to 8.9. you can’t skip 7.9.