Upgrade Path v7.9 (LTS) - 8.7

Hi there,

Just a quick question about upgrade paths. I’ve checked the documentation first hand, but I’m still a bit unsure so I’m just looking for clarification.

We currently have v7.9 (LTS) of SonarQube, if we wanted to leverage the new 8.7.1 version of SonarQube, will we have to upgrade to each of the interim versions, or can we upgrade to v8.7.1 from v7.9 (LTS).



Hi @tomf ,

Upgrade path is described here: Upgrade the Server | SonarQube Docs
so you can jump from 7.9 current LTS to 8.7.1 directly. No need to upgrade to each version in the middle :slight_smile:


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Hi Carine,

Perfect! That’s what I was hoping for! :slight_smile:



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