Synchronize your members with GitHub in your SonarCloud organization

Hi SonarCloud users,

We just deployed a new feature to ease the members management for SonarCloud organisations bound to GitHub.

This feature allows you to retrieve automatically all your members from your GitHub organization inside your SonarCloud organization at creation.
You can also add and remove members from GitHub and they will be automatically added to the SonarCloud organization as member. As soon as your members are added to the SonarCloud organization, they will have directly access to the SonarCloud organization and to the related projects.

How to benefit from this feature ?

  • Users need to have a SonarCloud account to be automatically added as member to the SonarCloud organization.
  • Create your SonarCloud organization by importing the GitHub organization.
  • Bind your manual SonarCloud organization to your GitHub organization.
    To bind your existing organization, go to “Administration” -> “Organization settings” of your organization and “Bind this organization to GitHub”.
    Once bound, activate the synchronisation in the Member’s page.

Current limitations

For now, administrators still need to manually manage members permissions. This is an improvement that we will work on in the future.

Retrieve more information about this feature in our documentation.

How to give feedback ?

We’d love to hear your feedbacks about this new feature, don’t hesitate to create a new thread on our forum.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


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