Using collborators with synchronized github organization

The members are synchronized with github. However, I can’t find a way to give access to a collaborator who is not a direct member of the organization. How do I do that?

Hello @campenberger, welcome to the community forum!

So if I understand correctly you want to add somebody to your SonarCloud organization who is not a member of your Github organization?

You can manually add SonarCloud users to your SonarCloud organization under Members on your organization page on SonarCloud. You need to have sufficient access rights on the organization and the person you want add must have a SonarCloud account.

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Thank you for the response. Under member management it is set to “Automatic Sync with GitHub”. When this is turned on, it doesn’t seem possible to add members manually. However, only members of my organization in Github can log in, but not Outside Collaborators that have only access to specific repos.

Hello @campenberger,

You are right, we currently do not support outside collaborators while having member sync enabled.
For the time being you have two options:

  1. Disable the member sync and start managing your members manually
  2. Add the outside collaborator to your organization

I realise that both options are far from ideal, but we currently have no plans to add this feature.
We implement new features based on the posts with some traction in the new features suggestions.

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