Adding external collaborators as user with synchronized github membership


Hi There,

Our Sonarcloud instance ( is configured to sync members from github which is fine and work for our organization member. However we have a number of projects that have external collaborators working on with us in github.

The problem is that these external collaborators are not members of our github org, for security reasons they are added as external collabs on the repositories that they are contracted to work on. This causes a problem for us in our sonarcloud instance as with member management set to “Automatic sync with Github” there appears to be no way to grant our external collaborators access to our sonarcloud project if this is needed for their work.

Is there some way to do this? Do we need to change “Members Management” to manual? If we do change members management to manual, what effect will this have on existing users?


Kirk Spragg


There is currently no support for automatically adding external collaborators. It only works for organization members.

Yes, you need to manage the members manually. When switching to manual, the existing users will stay members of the organization.