SSO to Azure DevOps not working today

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Today, Eng development team is having issues with logging into SonarCloud ( This is what they use to check code quality. Approved and paid for by Eric Jensen. When we attempt to login with Azure DevOps SSO, it no longer works. It was working on Friday. Kyle Elliott was doing a little and can’t find any mention of SonarCloud being down. When we go to the login page of we typically. We seleted DevOps thenbelow that, you’ll see the error we are getting. (See attachment with screenshots of errors)–This is critical that we get this issue resolved as it is significantly affecting Engineering right now.

Hi @TurquoiseFire, and welcome to the community forum!

I can’t find the screenshots you’re mentioning in your post and I would need more details to investigate your issue. I will get back to you privately so that you can share more details.


Hi @TurquoiseFire,

I’m taking over your question.

Alex sends me the screenshot you add. So to me, it seems that the SonarCloud app has been disabled in the admin part of your Azure AD.

If you are an admin of your Azure AD, could you please go to the Azure Portal, then
Azure Active Directory, Enterprise Applications then click on SonarCloud and then click on Properties on the left tab.
You should land on this page :

The first property is “Enabled for users to sign-in” : could you please check that this is set to “yes” ?


Apparently Microsoft made this change in our Active Directory. Our Audit Logs show that on 4/7 they made this change.