Microsoft Azure DevOps SSO issue

  • Error observed (wrap logs/code around with triple quotes ``` for proper formatting)

    SSO using does not sign users in directly to the app, it sends the browser to As a service | SonarCloud | Sonar resulting in the user having to click the Log In button then click the button for login method Azure DevOps.

  • Steps to reproduce

    With an Azure AD user that is configured for DevOps, use the AAD application through My Applications to access in to Sonarcloud.

  • Expected behaviour

    When the user clicks the link in My Applications, user is logged in to Sonarcloud, without having to click two more buttons.

Using the AAD application by Sonarcloud in Azure AD:

Hey there.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s possible we can improve the situation – it will take a few days before I can come back to you!

Hi Daniel,

We have updated the home page of the URL of the Azure DevOps application and you will now directly be redirected to the login page.

Thanks, that’s working great now :slight_smile:

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