Need help to authenticate on Azure DevOps

Hey @julienlancelot - Do we have any documentation which we can follow for Integration of Azure AD with SonarCloud?

Hi @deepforu47,

Could you please clarify your question ?
Are you talking about Azure DevOps or your own Azure Active Directory ?


Hi @julienlancelot - Asking about Azure DevOps. Basically I want to enable SSO between Azure DevOps and SonarCloud.

In this case, all you have to do is to authenticate on SonarCloud using the “With Azure DevOps” button.

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cool and no any other specific changes ?

No, you should try and check that it’s working.

Thank you @julienlancelot, Yes its working.
My next question is, Can we setup Two Factor Authentication or IP based restrictions while keeping Azure DevOps SSO setup in place?

I’ve moved this thread to another one as your questions are not related to the original thread.

AFAIK, 2 factor authentication is set on Azure DevOps and should work fine.
For IP based restrictions, you should also have a look on Azure DevOps side.

Ok. So, if I understood correctly, everything will be on Azure DevOps side and no changes on sonar cloud side, right?

Indeed, there’s nothing to do on SonarCloud side.

Thank you @julienlancelot for the quick responses!