Sort by "Last analysis date" doesn't seem to work correctly

We just upgraded from SonarQube 6.7.6 LTS to 7.9.3 LTS, and noticed the sort by “Last analysis date” doesn’t seem to work correctly. Most projects seem to be listed correctly, but some are not. For example, one project with its last analysis on July 1 is listed after a project with its last analysis on June 10. Any ideas what is going on here? Thanks

Hey @David_Yi,

In order to investigate the issue you’re facing, I’d like to be provided with the following information:

  • Could you confirm that the url of the page where you noticed such behavior is /projects ?
  • Could provide me with a snapshot of the result in your browser?
  • Even better, if you feel comfortable with it, could you provide me with the response (you might want anonymise it before sending it) to this rest api call: api/components/search_projects.

What does after means to you? Did you notice that the direction (asc/desc) of the sorting might be affected by the button located right after the sorting selection box?

I’m having a similar issue. Sorting by analysis date doesn’t work at all. The same project that was completed 15 days ago stays at the top no matter if it’s sorted as ascending or descending.

SonarQube version

The sort does work if I filter by one of the tags but it does not work when all projects are included.

To make matters worse, when I return to my home page by clicking on the SonarQube logo the list of projects appears totally empty if I attempted a sort recently. It takes a second click on the projects tab to get them all to return.

For extra credit, I found that http connections don’t have an issue with the sorting. I only have this issue when I’m connected as https.

I set up the reverse proxy as instructed so we could use sonarlint.