Not able to see projects on Dashboard

I am currently using the Sonarqube Version 6.7.6 (build 38781) - [LGPL v3]. On loading the sonarqube, I am not able to see the Projects. I am able to see the projects if filter it by any value. Earlier I used to see the projects getting loaded by deafult with url …/sonarqube/projects?sort=-analysis_date

Today, I am not able to retrieve anything. Please help.


Welcome to the community!

It sounds like a corrupt Elasticsearch index. Try this:

  1. stop the server
  2. delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es5
  3. restart the server

BTW, 6.7.6 is past EOL. 8.3 is the current version, and 7.9.3 is the current LTS. You should upgrade to one of them at your earliest convenience.