Adding all the projects to homepage

Hi ,

I’m using Version 6.7.7 (build 38951) - [LGPL v3].

I have the Sonar setup migrated from other server (MYSQL DB).
Now, on the main page there is no project listed
but when you go to Administration --> Projects… the projects are visible there

Do anyone know any work around to make the projects display in Home page?

please help

You should know that the 6.7.7 version of SonarQube is end of life and then not supported any more. I encourage you to upgrade to the 7.9.x LTS or the 8.3 Latest version.
To fix your issue you need to delete your elastic search index.
1- stop sonarqube
2 - delete the SONAR_HOME/data/es5 content
3 - start sonarqube
I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot Alex! i will upgrade SONAR to latest. also try out the fix that you suggested. Many thanks.