Project Not Showing in Sonarqube

I am in the process of upgrading SonarQube CE 8.9

I have done a back up of the SQL database, then extracted the new code 8.4 and updated conf files accordingly.

The database update took over an hour but SonarQube is running now. I have scanned a few applications through it and they are showing as completed in the back ground tasks and that aspect looks normal.

But there is nothing showing on the “Projects” screen or home page and it is showing “0 of 0 shown”. - the projects are there ok as I can see then in issues and also in the background tasks.

I have already remove es7 on Sonarqube/data…
but not working

I don’t think I have missed any steps and SonarQube is running as a service as per normal.

I will see how it looks overnight as there are a number of automated scans… but was wondering if there was any other similar experiences or advice?



Welcome to the community!

In the 8-series we added progressive availability after upgrade. That means that you don’t have to wait for all the ES indices to be rebuilt before you can start using SonarQube again. The other side of that coin is that when you first start using SonarQube after an upgrade some of the projects may not be visible.

I see that you posted this a week ago & hopefully this has resolved itself by now. If it hasn’t, please check your server logs and let us know if you see any errors.