Sonar-scanner-cli | sonar.projectDate < 2014-11-17

Hi there,

I used sonar-scanner-cli with the projectDate param and I noticed a strange behavior so maybe a bug?

If the date is before 2014-11-17 (today we are 2019-11-10 it’s maybe related), the execution say “successful” but on the interface (localhost:9000), it’s say “Project is not analyzed yet.” even if by clicking on it we still have some information (issues).

If I remove the param projectDate, everything is fine.
If I set a date >= 2014-11-17, everything is fine.
This is the case on all projects that I tested

Exemple working sonar-scanner -Dsonar.projectKey=aaaaa -Dsonar.projectName='aaaaa' -Dsonar.projectDate=2014-11-17 -Dsonar.sources=.

Exemple not working sonar-scanner -Dsonar.projectKey=bbbb -Dsonar.projectName='bbbb' -Dsonar.projectDate=2014-11-16 -Dsonar.sources=.

SonarQube Scanner

Nobody? This is not the right place to report a bug?


Welcome to the community and sorry this fell through the cracks!

Since your target date is more than 5 years years before the date you ran the analysis, this probably has something to do with housekeeping. You should adjust your ‘Delete all analyses after’ value (under project Administration) and try again.


Yes. it’s housekeeping, thx.

What is the way to change this parameter without accessing the interface?


There’s undoubtedly an underlying web service you could call directly, but you’ll need the same permissions that are required to do it through the UI. Out of curiosity, why not use the interface?


I don’t need the interface. I’m running some scans then extract some data via the API :slight_smile: