Overview over projects, sort by "Last analysis date" does not take into account SLB-analyses


(Ute Liebermann) #1


we are using SonarQube Version 7.4 and we are using the branching feature and we also use short lived branches.

On the entry-page of sonar you see the sonar-projects and there are several possibilities to sort the list of projects (by “Name”, “Security”, “Size” and so on). One sort-order ist “Last analysis date”. This sorting order does not take into account analyses in short lived branches.

Could you change the behaviour of the sort-criteria “Last analysis date”, so that it also takes into account analyses in SLB’s? Or if you don’t want to change the behaviour of this sorting order could you please add an additional sorting order, something like “Last analysis date (including SLBs)” that takes into account SLB-analyses?

(Sundarajan K) #2

i am also facing the same issue on Sonar 6.4.