Is it possible to sort the branches page

Our branches page shows many branches, they are sorted by name.

Is it possible to sort this page in a different way? for example - the branches that were last updated on top? or by passed / failed branches?

Hi Lior,

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On your question, if you refer to the branch drop-down menu for a project, or the “Manage Branches and Pull Requests” page, there is no way to sort them differently. Having said this, I would be interested to understand: do you have difficulties in finding a specific branch? how many branches are actually listed?

Also, be aware that inactive branches should be cleared out with proper housekeeping activities. Read about Inactive Branches Management here.


we have around 50 or more branches listed at the moment (i know we can set up housekeeping activities) but since we have a large number of developers - we will always have a decent amount of branches at any given point in time.
It would be much simpler for me if i could see the ones analyzed most recently or something like that show up on top (or be able to sort it by clicking on the column names).

Hi Lior,

I understand the use case but this is not possible today. I suggest we move your post to the the topic “Suggest new features” if you agree?


sure thing

Hi Lior,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Can you please explain what would you expect to get from a different order? Are you trying to more easily find the branch you are personally interested in, or is it something else?
I’m asking that because having a different ordering by analysis date could make the order continuously change, specifically when a big team is working on a project.


i was only asking for the option to sort by clicking on the header title.
Our scan runs automatically on all dev branches (which might be around 10-50 branches at any given point in time).

I’d like to have a glance at the “latest scans” if possible by sorting according to analysis date (clicking on the date column, sort from newest -> oldest)

Hi Lior,
I’m interested to understand the use-case and why you’d like to sort branches this way. What would you use this view for? Are you trying to do a specific action from this list?

My point was that we are quite a large number of people, there are a lot of scans being executed:

I thought it’d be nice to be able to sort this so i can see the most recent scans and check the failing ones, for example.