Sonarsource community not supporting Login via Azure Devops

Please provide the support ticket logging via Azure devops login for sonar cloud. currently feature missing.


Hey there.

Maybe you can add some more details (it also appears you’re trying to upload a screenshot but it didn’t quite work). I can see right here: Login with Azure DevOps!

i can login to sonar cloud via Sonar cloud , but when click help → sonar community. login via Azure devops not available .

we are under paid subscription, we need help! how to connect directly to support team…

no such clear information displayed!!!


Hi there.

Thanks for clarifying. The SonarSource Community supports SSO via Google/GitHub/Twitter (I assume because that’s what the platform Discuss supports natively). Any account you create here is not directly tied to your SonarCloud account but is the right place to come and ask questions / get help / report issues. You’ve successfully made your account so you’re well on your way to start a new thread to get help.

This is a free, open community. Make sure to read our Welcome post and FAQ.

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