Login Azure DevOps disabled

Dear SonarCloud community

We are encountering problems with our login to SonarCloud with our Azure DevOps accounts for a few weeks already. Our employees can’t login to SonarCloud anymore with Azure DevOps, to consult their test results.

Our Azure DevOps SonarCloud plugin works correctly and we have a working service connection between Azure Pipelines and SonarCloud , but we aren’t able to login to SonarCloud itself with our Azure DevOps accounts:

How can I fix the login to SonarCloud with Azure DevOps for me and my colleagues?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Bart Verhoeven

Hello @Bart24

As per the error message you have, I would suggest that one of your Azure admin checks the status of the SonarCloud app in Azure Active Directory → Enterprise Application, then check for SonarCloud and go to the properties section.

This “Enable for users for sign in” should be set to “Yes” :

Hope that helps.