Sonarqube UserGroup premission changes automatically

Hi, Recently the permission assigned to the user groups for the project are removed automatically. We checked the group access and other setting of the project and doesn’t seem to be any issue. Not sure why this is happened. The issue started happening in the last 3/4 week and earlier it was fine. Every time, we add the permission again to the project. Need assistance or a pointer to the issue.

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Hey there.

Permissions shouldn’t be removed from projects without any specific user action. Does this only happen on one specific project? All projects?

Hi ,

This is randomly happening in all project almost . I checked and there is no user action at the time of permission revoke,


Thanks @n.bala

Are you sure permissions are being removed from the project itself, or is it possible that your users are being pulled out of the groups that have been assigned to the project (it’s an important distinction). You might be falling into this trap: