Remove/Switch user group default

hi everyone…

i need help, i have problem with sonar user group default, where all newly created users are automatically entered into the default sonar group. in my case, i need to set up multiple users can only view or access certain projects without seeing or being able to search for the entire existing project, while the existing default user group has configuration for all existing projects.

So I think the solution is to delete the default user and leave only the user groups that have been setup to be able to access certain projects, but I can’t do that because the default user can’t be deleted

Does anyone have a solution or suggestion for the problem I’m having?
thanks for your attention and time :ok_hand:


You can’t delete the default user group. What you need to do is remove that group’s permissions from the sensitive projects.

You can edit the projects’ permissions individually, or you can (re)apply a permission template to the projects of interest.

First a digression into permission templates…
Generally permission templates are used at project creation to give the project its initial set of permissions. And after that creation event, there is no ongoing relationship between projects and the template. So editing the template does not impact existing projects’ permissions. I think of it like a cookie cutter: if I cut out a bunch of cookies and then drop the cutter on the floor and dent it, none of the cookies change.

So generally, editing a template won’t have an impact on existing projects.

But on the Administration → Projects → Management page you have the ability to re-apply a permissions template.

So make sure you have a template that omits the default group, then on the Projects Management page, search/select the projects of interest, and apply your default-less group to those projects.