Default permission templates problem

Hi at all,
I’ve create with admin user a project on sonarqube with the buttom “Create new project”, now I can’t delete them.
I thinks this problem was made because on the permission templates on “Default for Project” I’ve uncheck al form(yes I know, I’ve done a stupid thinks :slight_smile: ), so the project was made with a empty defaul template and now the admin user can’t delete it.
Are there any solution or is a bug?


Hi Carlo,

You have global admin perms, so you can go in from the global administration level & grant yourself the perms on the projects that you need to delete them: Administration -> Projects -> Management -> [project’s cog] -> Edit Permissions



This is the best way to learn. I know I’ve learned a lot the hard way. :wink:

Was so easy? Thank you so much.


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