Sonarqube permission issue

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • SonarQube Enterprise Edition 9.4 (build 54424)
    Permission Description:
  1. Use the project key mode to automatically apply permission templates
  2. The permission template grants permissions to groups
  3. When users join groups, they can access related projects.
    When the user access the project report URL(eg: ), prompt the user has no permission; When the administrator views a group member, the member is automatically deleted.


Welcome to the community!

I guess you’re looking at the audit logs?

What I see in this log is not the user being inadvertently deleted by the admin, but the user being removed from a group on login.

It looks like you’ve got group synchronization enabled. So at each login, the user’s group’s will be retrieved from the IDP, and the user’s group membership in SonarQube will be synchronized with the user’s group membership in the IDP. That means adding the user to IDP groups she wasn’t already in in SonarQube, and removing her from SonarQube groups she doesn’t have IDP membership in.

It sounds like you’ve manually added users to groups in SonarQube that they’re not members of in the IDP.

Does that make sense?