Project Permissions for SonarQube 6.7 LTE
As per the above link there should be an option of “Project Permissions” which is missing for me as shown in below screenshot.

I want to give a group “project delete” or "Manage Project"permission. As of now i had to give them “Administer System” to manage projects which shouldn’t be the case.

Basically, i dont see an option of giving admin rights to a project, where i had to provide them admin rights to sonar.

Thanks for your time.


I think you’ve overlooked a key passage in that documentation (emphasis added):

Project permissions are available from the project-level Administration menu

Try here instead:



Thats strange,

I am having admin permissions(Sonar 6.7 Community Edition) but I could see just this. Why is Adminstration option itself missing under the Project view?


Are you logged in? And if you are, (maybe you logged in in a different window after loading this page?) what happens if you refresh the browser?