Users that are not part of any group lost permission

Users that are not part of any group lost their existing permission. A few users reported this, and I have verified for other projects and users, it seems that all users that are not part of any group have lost their existing permission.

Need this help urgently

Appreciate if there is a way to:

  • check the action log
  • see which action causes this
  • revoke that action

One possible action that caused that was applying template. If that is the case we need to revoke that action which is not possible in the UI.

Hey there.

Applying a permission template overwrites any permissions assigned to the project. It sounds like that might be what happened here.

While it’s not possible to remove the possibility in the UI, only organization admins should have that ability.



Hi Colin,

I am an organisation admin. We figured that out as well that the permission template potentially overwrote the existing permissions. Right now we would like to revoke that action, is that possible?


We really hope that we can revoke that action urgently as it is impacting many users

Hey JX,

Applying a permission template to a project is a one way action, and won’t be possible to undo. You will need to reconfigure your project’s permissions.

Hey Colin,

There used to be the restore access option as shown in the screenshot, but I no longer see this in the UI. Can you please advise on this? We have hundreds of projects and each has many users who have lost the permission. And we can’t track who had permission before. This is a very severe issue for us, can you do something from your end? If we can at least have the list of permission of all our users as at 5th Nov 3.30pm (GMT +8) then we can reconfigure all project permissions manually. We’d really appreciate some help as soon as possible.
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Greetings JX,

“Restore Access” restores permissions in the event that all Administrator access had been removed from a project – it does not rewind the state of permissions.

I’m sure it is a frustrating situation to be in, but I don’t think there’s anything additional we can do on our end.