Project deleted / not accessible after applying permission template on a group

After applying a permission template from the interface, the project to which this template was applied seems to be deleted!

Steps to reproduce

  • Browse to a project, then Administration → Permissions
  • Filter for the group that you want to apply the permission template on
  • Select “Apply Permission Template”
  • Select the permissions template you want to apply
  • Click “Apply”

Expected behaviour

The permissions template should be applied

Note that I am the owner of our SonarCloud organisation, so I should be able to see projects regardless of the permissions.


One would think. But that’s not actually the case. Well, at least not in the non-admin interface. Without the Browse permission, it’s entirely possible to lock yourself out of a project.

Fortunately, you can go to Administration → Projects Management → [cog menu] → Edit Permissions to let yourself back in.


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Thanks for your answer. That worked. However, why would the permissions template get applied on ALL users when I have only selected a single user / group??

IMO this is a bug!


The entire permission template gets applied to the selected project(s). Unless you explicitly grant yourself or your group permissions in the template… you’re not going to retain them once you reset the permissions by applying the template.


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