Grant a colleague read permission to all existing and future project

Hi, need some guide here. I am the administrator of SonarCloud in my organization.

A little background:
Some of the projects in my organization are managed by permission template, while some are not using permission template.
And currently i don’t have read access to some projects, probably the project owner removed our default “owner” group from their project’s permission. But i could gain access to those projects by clicking restore access.

Here’s what i need to achieve:
As the administrator of SonarCloud in my organization, I need to grant/add one of my IT security colleague the “read” permission to all existing projects and projects analyzed in the future.
Could anyone guide me?

Hey there.

A permission template is applied when a project is created – and that’s it (unless manually re-applied, which overwrites all existing permissions). There’s no lasting link between the project and the permission template.

If you want to make sure a user is added to all future projects, the best thing to do is add them to all your permission templates (or better yet, add a group instead of an individual).

For existing projects – permissions can either be added manually, or with Web APIs from the api/permissions domain of web services.

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