SonarQube UI/Dashboard not working as expected

Hello community,

I am trying to install and configure SonarQube on an AWS EC2 instance. I have Java, PostgreSQL, SonarQube, and a nginx running for traffic balancer. The EC2 instance is behind a AWS ALB which receives traffic from a domain.

The nginx and sonarqube service are running when I check their status in the SSH of the EC2 instance. The target group health check is successful, but the UI is unable to load. I retained the default sonar.web.port as 9000 in the file but creating a SSL based way to access the instance from https. I am following the instructions on Install SonarQube on CentOS 7 | NoteBook article.

SonarQube version:
PostgreSQL version: 13

Any suggestions or ideas to troubleshoot/fix this issue?



Why do you need to balance traffic? There should only be one SonarQube instance here. Maybe take nginx out of the equation?


No need to use Nginx? I configured that for reverse proxy as the default port is 9000 and I would like to secure the server with traffic coming only from 443.

The SonarQube UI login page appears when I open in private browsing mode, but when I enter the login credentials, the page keeps loading and times out eventually. I am setting up this from scratch for the first time and not sure how the process works.

Would like more information. Thanks.


Okay, so you’re using it for https. That makes more sense. And I would try without it first.


I cannot try without nginx. Because the firewall team has blocked access to port 80. My only choice is to make this work using 443.