Sonarqube with AWS RDS Postgresql


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    I am trying to integrate sonarqube with aws rds postgresql in an EC2 instance.

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

I am successfully connecting to the postgresql instance from the ec2 instance. I have installed sonarqube-6.7.6 in that EC2 Instance and trying to open the sonarqube UI ( But its failing with " This site can’t be reached" message. Please help.



If SQ is started but you can’t access the UI with your browser, i would first check the Security Group of this EC2 instance and make sure that the inbound and outbound traffic are allowed from your IP.

I am getting connected if i give 9000 as port number. I have changed in file.

Successfully opened the URL

Note: In Inbound i have allowed both Postgresql - 5432 and Mysql - 9000 ports

I’m not sure to understand what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to expose the UI on the 5432 port ?

Yes. I tried changing the port to “sonar.web.port=5432” and accessed the URL “”. But its not working.

So i changed it to default port “sonar.web.port=9000” and the URL “” is working fine now.

5432 is the default postgresql port. If you try to use it as a http port on the same machine, you get a conflict port.

ok fine thanks.