Configuring sonarqube on port 9000 with SSL enabled

I’m trying to configure sonarqube to run on port 9000 with SSL enabled. Currently my sonarqube application is down. I have a load balancer (Layer 4) in place that works on ports 80 and 443 so SSL termination happens at the host level. I just need some guidance on how to enable https to work with port 9000. I’m on a linux server and all the information I’m finding is either on an old version of sonar (5.3 or older) or windows. I cannot find any guidance/documentation on this. Any help would much appreciated!

Hello @zains1 and welcome back :wave:

the native TLS support has been dropped some time ago in favor of using a reverse proxy that handles TLS. you can have a look at our docs on how to configure some here.
so in the end you network flow will look something like this

user ------https------>reverse proxy–>http://sonarqube:9000

where the reverse proxy and the sonarqube instance should be on a trusted network or at best on the same machine. you can configure sonarqube to bind to localhost to eliminate access via anything other than the reverse proxy.

hope that clarifies your question :slight_smile: