SonarQube service reachability issue

Hi Tobias,
Whenn iam trying in server with localhost:9000 its working fine.
When I use http:// servername :/9000 its not working.
How to access using server name, any config missing?

Hi @vinil80 ,

i have split your post into a new thread as the other one is already resolved and we should stick to one issue per thread.

regarding your issue; there are multiple possibilities why this is not working. can you check that:

  • there is a correct DNS entry for this system
  • there is no firewall blocking the access
  • the property is not set to the correct NIC

also the response that you get would help to narrow down the scope here.

Hi Tobias,
Still we are facing issue by accessing SonarQube with server name or alias outside server, current port using as 9000. by default , its working fine in local server
Can we use Apache24 config or F5 DNS url. Which one is better.
How best we can configure this. Could you help in this.

this config will bind the sonarqube service to the loopback network interface. try setting it to to make sonarqube available on any network interface or look for the IP of the NIC that you want to have sonarqube reachable from.

Hi Tobias,

I will check and update you…

Thanks Tobias, I marked then able to access the sonarqube community url outside server. Able to access with :9000

-Actually we created alias F5 URL for this, Now I will check with 9000 port