SonarQube not showing updated rule

I noticed when I look at the rule " tags should have a description", SonarQube is not showing the updated rule. For example, it does not mention that it can be fixed by “adding a concise description via aria-label”, but if I go here it does: Rules explorer

I’m just wondering why that might be the case and do we need to update something manually?

Hi @olivia.shettles ,

can you share the version of SonarQube and the edition you are using please?
And can you also add screenshots?

Hi @Carine_Bayon,

Sure, the version is 8.3.1. I’ll attach a screenshot of what I’m seeing.


Welcome to the community!

You’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of SonarQube - 8.8 - to see the latest version of the rule description.


@ganncamp awesome, thank you!