Sonarqube not available in new service endpoint list

Sonarqube extension 4.17.0
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2018 Version 16.131.27701.1 (on-premises)

I would like to be able to select Sonarqube as a new service endpoint.
The extension is installed but does not show in the list. (Build tasks shows)
Open JDK 11.02 is also running.

Welcome to the community forum! Did you create the service connexion at project level? Project settings > Service connections > new > scroll to SonarQube

I haven’t but which ui are you referring to?
in tfs web admin I have Project Settings > Service Hooks > + create subscription > scroll
Does not contain SonarQube

I mean in VSTS project settings, not SQ project settings :slight_smile:

Meant vsts too. Right beside Project Settings > Service Hooks… I have what I think you refer to:
Project Settings > Services > + New Service Endpoint > scroll
But that is my actual problem no Sonarqube shown.

I think the reason for differences in the UI is the difference between TFS 2018 and Azure DevOps Server 2019.Your documentation lacks that info. Furthermore your documentation is not that specific on how to install the extension. I started using your link to the .visx file in marketplace, downloaded and then installing by browsing my disk. That apparently does not work at least not alone. Trying again I found that extension was available in the extension gallery and I was able to install from there. Then I was able to do Project Settings > Services > + New Service Endpoint > scroll to SonarQube.

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