SonarLint will it breach number of code limit

We are planning to integrate sonarlint in IDE (Eclipse) for developers. We are worried that using Sonarlint will add to our SonarQube instance no of code line limit.
Could you please confirm, we are using SonarQube Enterprise

Hello, thank you for your question.

Analysis of source code with SonarLint on developer workstations does not count in SonarQube’s lines-of-code limit.

SonarQube’s lines-of-code limit only applies to source code analyzed by the SonarQube scanner, e.g as part of your continuous integration builds.

SonarLint is a completely different product, and although it can pair up with SonarQube in connected mode (e.g to unlock commercial languages and share analysis settings), it analyzes source code on developer workstations and does not store any analysis result on the server.

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