SonarLint only downloading C# rules in Rider

I have installed and configured SonarLint in Jetbrains Rider for one of our projects and it seems to be working fine for our C# files but I noticed no issues are being reported for javascript files. If I run sonarscanner and check the web interface there are issues being detected properly for the javascript files. If I configure the connection in SonarLint and look at the Rules tab it appears that for some reason only the C# rules are being pulled from the server. How do I make SonarLint pull all the rules we have defined on the server?

Hello Nathan,

The behaviour you observe is intended, only C# analysis (and secrets detection) is enabled for the moment in Rider as we just added support for this IDE a few weeks ago.

Adding support for more languages is something we want to do in the future, so we take good note of your request.

Thanks for the feedback and for using SonarLint!

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Hello @nkamenar,
let me ask you a couple more questions to better understand your needs:

  • are you using any specific JavaScript framework? Which kind of applications do you develop?
  • is there any other language (e.g. TypeScript, HTML, XML,…) if you would like SonarLint to support in Rider?

So on our team we have some of our developers using Visual Studio, some using Rider, and some using VS Code. We have noticed that SonarLint for Rider only supports C# while for VSCode it supports HTML and Javascript but not C#. We develop .NET Core web applications for our clients using C#, HTML, CSS/SCSS, and Javascript/Typescript. We aren’t currently using any front end frameworks but we may at some point build applications using Angular and/or React for example.

It would be ideal if SonarLint had a consistent experience across editors, and had the same language/rule support across editors. This would allow our developers to do work in the editor of their choice while still being able to enforce coding rules/standards across the team through SonarQube/SonarLint.


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