SonarLint for Javascript


I need help on how can I use SonarLint in Visual Studio for Analyzing my JavaScript Code within the Visual Studio.

When I bind the project from the Visual Studio, it is updating the ruleset file only with C# rules and not with JavaScript rules.

I am using Visual Studio 2015, SonarQube Server Community Edition Version 7.6 (build 21501) and SonarLint 4.18


Have you tried this?

Analyze JavaScript and C/C++

After install, a startup notification will ask for installing support for additional languages. You can also do it anytime in the Visual Studio Options , under the SonarLint menu item. Issues in these languages are detected whenever you save files.

I have seen that there is an option to “Install and Activate JavaScript Support” but when I click on it , it does not do anything.

Do I need to install some external plug-in?

Similarly, when I activate JavaScript support, I see no issues marked in JavaScript files, even after restarting Visual Studio.