SonarLint for Visual Studio: v4.34 - Up-to-date JavaScript analysis

Hello Visual Studio users,

we’re pleased to announce a new SonarLint version for Visual Studio 2015 , 2017 , and 2019 .

With this new version, you will benefit from our latest JavaScript analyzer. In fact, we are delivering more and more JavaScript rules to cover advanced Code Quality and Security issues, and those new rules weren’t available so far to our Visual Studio users.

So from now, there is a tremendous number of valuable JavaScript rules available to you, you can browse them here. To verify if one rule is available in SonarLint, simply look for the :sonarlint: logo at the end of the page. And if you wish, you can now enable or disable some rules in Visual Studio via the settings.json file.

And this is not all, we will soon add support for TypeScript as well - stay tuned :wink:

Finally, a few good news for C++ developers:

  • We added support for C++ 20 compilation with the /std:c++latest compilation option
  • We added 3 new rules for C++ 20

You can see the full release notes here