SonarLint for Visual Studio v6.11 - Simple access to SonarLint features, more C#11 and C++20 support

Hello Visual Studio users,

With the latest SonarLint release, we’ve made it easier to access SonarLint features by grouping all SonarLint menu entries under Extensions->SonarLint.

Under the SonarLint menu, you’ll also find handy links to the product documentation and to our Community forum, in case you need some support or you would like to share your feedback about SonarLint.

This version also brings:

  • improved support for the C#11 language features such as raw string literals, utf-8 literals, list patterns, generic attributes, and generic math support in our existing rules.
  • 6 new rules to cover C++20’s concepts.
  • 6 new JavaScript rules for detecting performance issues in React.