C# Sonarlint not showing rules with VSCode Exension

Hey SQ,

I was curious looking over SonarLint. Is there not out of the box rules for C#?

If not whats the process for adding custom rules made potentially by other SonarLint users?



Hello @kevandersen,

I can see it’s VSCode on screenshot, so no we don’t have support for C# there yet.
Please upvote this feature suggestion: C# support in VSCode
It’s on our radar but not for the nearest future.
If you want to use SonarLint with C# right now - you can do it in Visual Studio and Rider.

Have a good day!

Please also note that although support for C# in VSCode is not in our roadmap for this year, it is definitely a candidate under consideration for next year :spiral_calendar:

well this is disappointing. I dont want to use two different linters or SAST tools because SonarLint cant connect to SonarQube for our C# codebase.

I appreciate the quick responses from both of you despite getting the answer I was not looking for. Have a good rest of your day.