SonarLint not respecting sonar.issue.ignore.* settings

Hey guys, I’ve added settings to my SonarCloud project, one settings in particular being sonar.issue.ignore.allfile and sonar.issue.igure.block. I have SonarLint running in Visual Studio Code and it’s running in connected mode.

My question is it does not appear that the errors/issues reported from SonarLint are not respecting the settings in sonar.issue.ignore.allfile and sonar.issue.igure.block. All issuse are reported in the IDE even though my file has a pattern in it that should cause the file to be ignored in analysis.

For example:
Given this setting set in SonarCloud: sonar.issue.ignore.allfile=@sonar-disable

// my-file.js
// @sonar-disable
// the line with alert(...) will normally be lit up by the IDE with:
// Remove this usage of alert(...). (javascript:S1442)sonarlint(javascript:S1442)

I would expect SonarLint to respect the settings in SonarCloud for sonar.issue.ignore.allfile and sonar.issue.igure.block. Is there any reason why this is not the case?

Hello Darren, thank you for your feedback.

This is a known limitation of the connected mode in all flavors of SonarLint, I invite you to vote for the resolution of this bug, and to watch the VS-Code-specific issue if you wish to be notified when it becomes available.