SonarLint for Visual Studio 7.4 - Save and share your connected mode setup

Hello Visual Studio users,

A few months ago, we decided to move the configuration and all the information generated by connected mode to a directory outside the repository containing your solution files. We made that change because SonarLint generated frequent changes in your files under source control. When we released that, we received feedback from several of you that the change made it harder to share the connected mode configuration among project contributors - forcing each contributor to configure the binding for every solution in their workstation.

That was great feedback, and we decided to act on it: the SonarLint 7.4 version enables any contributor to export the connected mode configuration to a file that can be committed and shared with anyone else working on the same solution. This option is available in the Extensions menu (more details in the documentation); only the following information will be stored:

  • SonarQube server URL or SonarCloud organization
  • SonarQube/SonarCloud project key

Any other developer opening the solution in Visual Studio and not having the binding to SonarQube or SonarCloud already configured will see a gold bar asking if they want SonarLint to activate the binding automatically.

Please note that if you’re not already connected to the same instance of SonarQube or SonarCloud, you will be prompted to enter your credentials.

Once again, your feedback is essential for us to improve our products, so don’t hesitate to share any comments about this new functionality here in this forum.

This release also adds support for .Net 8 and C# 12; additionally, it adds new JavaScript rules for React; more complete release notes are available here.



Before V7 of the plugin, others do not need to install the SonarLint plugin because the server binding created configuration compatible with the SonarAnalyzer Roslyn analyzer. So, they get the feedback always through the compiler.
Your explanation sounds like: The binding configuration CAN be copied but is not activated automatically. Is this correct?
I would like get back the old behavior, so that binding a solution integrates the SonarAnalyzer in the compiler pipeline.