Is there any global Sonarcloud binding for all solutions in a repo

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  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • SonarLint plugin version:
  • Programming language you’re coding in: C#
  • Is connected mode used:
    • Connected to SonarCloud or SonarQube (and which version):

And a thorough description of the problem / question:
we have multiple solutions in our repo and using the latest sonarlint, it says it doesnt support any more having .sonarlint folder within a project/solution and instead downloads the binding data to %AppData%/Roaming/Sonarlint folder, which means every developer need to remember to bind each and every solution to get the latest rules for sonarlint to analyze correctly as per our rules configuration set. We want a developer to get this latest set when he clones the repo and starts to build and analyze, which we achieved before by placing the .sonarlint folder under every project and updating the project file by a local script. and whenever we make changes to the rules set, we used to update all folders at once. now I dont find such a possibilty with new way of binding or is it something possible now at a root folder level of a repo similar to editorconfig or globalconfig files?

Hello @avikramaditya and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to share Connected Mode settings between multiple SonarLint for VisualStudio users at the moment. However, this is a frequently requested feature, and it’s at the top of our priority list.

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