How to Migrate to New Way of Connected Mode?

Hi all,

Current Setup:
Sonarlint for Visual Studio 2019 Extension V.4.27
Soanrqube version 7.9 (LTS Version)

I am in the process of trying to get the binding worked out between the Sonarlint extension and our Sonarqube server. It was installed a long time ago and is pretty much obsolete at the moment because it wasn’t kept up to date etc…Part of the process that is very painful is that binding currently checks out every project (and we have a lot). However, I was reading this information from the official wiki that seems to imply our Solution is in a Legacy state as it pertains to Sonarlint:

Prior to version 4.0 (released May 2018), Connected Mode behaved slightly differently:

  • the appropriate NuGet package for the SonarAnalyzer.CSharp / SonarAnalyzer.VisualBasic >analyzer were added to each project
  • the Connected Mode settings were saved in a solution-level folder called SonarQube in a file >called SolutionBinding.sqconfig .

In subsequent versions of SonarLint:

  • the analyzer NuGet packages are no longer installed in any project
  • the settings are saved in a solution-level folder called .sonarlint in a file called [solution >name].slconfig

We have the latest version of Sonarlint that I can tell, but there isn’t a .sonarlint folder and the projects continue to be checked out to update the nugets. Is there some kind of migration process for getting it to how it works now? At this point I pretty much just want to start over, but I don’t have an easy way to do that it seems.

Any help is appreciated & Happy Friday!

Figure it out. For any future explorers:

  1. Remove all instances of the Sonar.CShap nuget (not necessary, but recommended)
  2. Delete the Sonarqube folder in the solution
  3. Rebind

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