SonarLint VS2017 extenion lock keyboard key


(Cemile) #1

SonarQube: 7.3
SonarLint: 4.7
Visual Studio : 15.8.8

We use SonarLint extension without connecting the SonarQube.
Every time we start visual studio there is always a message that one or more rule sets out of date.

After closing this message, we can not use enter or delete key in the source file.
In the Team Explorer window we close message that i share below. And all key work fine.


(Duncan Pocklington) #2

What information appears in the SonarLint output window referred to in the second image?

It looks like SonarLint thinks the solution was connected to a SonarQube server at some point. Do you have either:

  1. a solution-level folder called SonarQube containing a file with a .sqconfig extension, or
  2. a solution-level folder called .sonarlint containing a file with a .slconfig extension?

If so, remove them, and SonarLint will no longer attempt to connect to a SonarQube server when the solution is opened.

(Cemile) #3

Thank you very much.
It solves my problem.

(Pradeep Singh Bora) #4

Why do we need to delete it ? Cant we checkin those file to TFS so that they are available for all the Developers.

Why taking the latest/updating the definition checks out all the ruleset files again even though there is no change ?

Please suggest

(Duncan Pocklington) #5
  1. The original question was about a situation where the user did not want to be in connected mode. If you are using connected mode then you should check those solution-level files in.

  2. Checkout of files on every update: this issue is tracked by

(Pradeep Singh Bora) #6

Agree on that, But we are also facing many issues with connected mode.

Please have a look @ - Visual Studio Binding - Always throw an Error