SonarLint as plugin in PL/SQL Developer


For a former topic I posted here, I read in 2019 on SonarLint 2018 Roadmap page this sentence : “We really want all developers, irrespectively of the language and IDE they code in, to benefit from the full feature-set of SonarLint.”

Would it be possible to have SonarLint available as plugin for PL/SQL Developer tool ( ?

A few questions to help you:

  • What are you trying to accomplish? Improve development process and quality. Have a full integrated development process in one tool. (Version management, dev, test, unit test using UT-PLSQL plugin, quality check)
  • Why does this matter to you? In pl/sql development, this tool is widely used and offers a lot of feature that ease the dev activities. Adding SonarLint will be a big plus. It will be totally integrated to dev process.
  • How would that look in PL/SQL Developer? It could be a view that list issues for the opened source (like in VS Code). In line check (in program window) will be a plus.
  • How would we know it works well? Do a survey for PL/SQL developer community.
  • Why should it be a priority now? It is a need since a long time, I tried to convince developers to use VS Code but they are still trusting in PL/SQL Developer and to use an external IDE to develop their packages is painful for them.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello @SebG,
thanks for sharing your need, this is well appreciated.
Supporting PL/SQL Developers is indeed consistent with our product vision - at the same same time, due to several competing priorities, it’s not something that we are considering for the roadmap at least for the moment. We’ll keep a record of this and continue to look out for similar requests. We’ll update this thread if anything changes; in the meanwhile, you can see a selection of ideas we’re considering in our roadmap page.

Thank you, I hope this need will be consider as soon as possible according your priorities like my former request to support pl/sql in Sonarlint for VS Code in the past was consider (Thanks again for that).
Some of my developers are very happy to at least be able to check automatically their code when they are working with VS Code. Unfortunately most of them are working only under PL/SQL Developer.

I hope I’ll read news about that soon :blush:

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