SonarLint PL/SQL VSCode not analyzing

I am trying to scan locally my Flyway sql project in vscode after successfully binding to our sonarqube server in connected mode using the sonarlint.connectedMode.connections.sonarqube and sonarlint.connectedMode.project. When i bind to the server i see the PL/SQL jar is downloading but it doesn’t seem to be use to analyze any of my sql scripts. Looking at the documentation it shoes that PL\SQL is supported after completing these steps.

[Info  - 13:23:50.827] Started security hotspot handler on port 64120
[Info  - 13:23:59.946] Using storage for server '<default>' (last update 4/29/21 1:12 PM)
[Info  - 13:24:00.672] Downloaded plugin list in 99ms
[Info  - 13:24:00.822] Downloaded settings in 140ms
[Info  - 13:24:07.199] Using storage for server '<default>' (last update 4/29/21 1:24 PM)
[Info  - 13:24:07.284] Local storage status for connection with id '<default>': org.sonarsource.sonarlint.core.container.model.DefaultGlobalStorageStatus@4f24d9ab
[Info  - 13:24:07.866] Downloaded settings in 105ms
[Info  - 13:25:06.032] Downloaded plugin list in 398ms
[Info  - 13:25:06.128] Downloaded settings in 95ms
[Info  - 13:25:15.414] Downloaded 'sonar-java-plugin-' in 9283ms
[Info  - 13:25:15.813] Downloaded 'sonarlint-license-plugin-7.9.4-all.jar' in 335ms
[Info  - 13:25:17.890] Downloaded 'sonar-webdriver-plugin-1.0.5.jar' in 2076ms
[Info  - 13:25:19.770] Downloaded 'sonar-apex-plugin-' in 1859ms
[Info  - 13:25:20.373] Downloaded 'sonar-html-plugin-' in 586ms
[Info  - 13:25:27.711] Downloaded 'sonar-javascript-plugin-' in 7333ms
[Info  - 13:25:31.668] Downloaded 'sonar-php-plugin-' in 3919ms
[Info  - 13:25:35.488] Downloaded 'sonar-plsql-plugin-' in 3797ms
[Info  - 13:25:40.205] Downloaded 'sonar-python-plugin-' in 4706ms
[Info  - 13:25:40.497] Downloaded 'sonar-typescript-plugin-' in 278ms
[Info  - 13:25:55.395] Using storage for server '<default>' (last update 4/29/21 1:25 PM)
[Info  - 13:25:55.477] Local storage status for connection with id '<default>': org.sonarsource.sonarlint.core.container.model.DefaultGlobalStorageStatus@2612d393
[Info  - 13:25:56.121] Downloaded settings in 172ms

VSCODE Version: 1.55
SonarLint Varion: 1.21.0

Hello, welcome to the community! And thank you for your report.

As far as I can see, it seems that you correctly configured connected mode for your project.

Could you please share what the SonarLint Output shows when you open a .sql file?

Please note that the analysis of PL/SQL requires the Oracle Developer Tools for VSCode extension - this is the one that defines the oraclesql language that our PL/SQL analyzer recognizes. I will make sure that this is documented in the upcoming 1.22 release of SonarLint for VSCode.

Thank you for the quick response, I was missing the Oracle Developer Tools for VSCode plugin. As soon as I added that it began to work right away. On the same topic I just wanted to confirm that PL/SQL for intellij Community or Ultimate is not supported by SonarLint at this time.

Thank you for the heads-up!

And yes, I confirm that analysis of PL/SQL is not available yet in JetBrains IDEs.

Please note that this feature has been requested by a few people already, so it is definitely on our radar, though not very high in our current priorities.

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